About us – We are Lien Dong Manufacturer Coffee in Viet Nam and Processing Facility. We specializes in manufacturing – purchasing, processing and supplying Robusta – Arabica coffee from Lam Dong province.

Operation and development process – Manufacturer Coffee

Since the 1990s, we were a farmer household specializing in coffee growing in Lam Dong. Then, combining with the purchase of fresh coffee from local farmers. We always want to expand the operation scale, especially the export of coffee. Along with hope of sharing difficulties with farmers. Therefore, Lien Dong Coffee Co., Ltd. has been established.

Our company specializes in purchase, classification, processing and supplying clean coffee on demand. Our main products are Robusta green coffee and Arabica green coffee. Our coffee is processed by 2 methods dry processing and honey process. Besides that, we also develop and supply roasted coffee to the market upon request.

Our coffee is classified on two main sieves: S16 and S18. Our products are carefully selected and screened before being marketed. Therefore, our products when delivered to customers are guaranteed the best quality.

Robusta Honey process beans
Our farm – Robusta high quality

Lam Dong Coffee – Manufacturer coffee in Viet Nam (Our material region)

Currently, clean coffee is one of the products favored and sought-after by consumers. Therefore, this is a crop that has increased productivity and high economic value. What makes clean coffee popular and of high economic value? Join us to find out!

Coffee has roots deep in the soil. Therefore, the land suitable for growing coffee is the one with a depth of 70cm and above. The soil has good porosity, good drainage, altitude from 600m to more than 1200m, temperature from 18oC-25oC , … Some other factors are suitable conditions for coffee development.

In Vietnam, there are many regions that can meet these factors. Lam Dong is one of them. Lam Dong can be considered as one of coffee paradise in Vietnam. With natural incentives along with the hard work of the people here. Lam Dong has been gradually supplying clean coffee products to the market. The best quality coffee beans with the best prices. Besides quality, coffee productivity is also being focused on improving. Therefore, the output of Lam Dong’s raw coffee is plentiful and abundant.

Thanks to the clean and abundant coffee source in the homeland of Lam Dong. About us- Lien Dong Coffee guarantees to be able to supply to the market in large and stable quantities. More important is the quality and reasonable price of coffee.

robusta coffee

COOPERATION with Manufacturer Coffee in Viet Nam.

You are looking for sources of green Robusta coffee, green Arabica coffee, roasted good quality coffee? And reasonable price coffee? Come to us – Lien Dong Coffee Co., Ltd. We guarantee you will be not disappointed.


+ Robusta Honey Processing (over 95% ripe beans)

+ Robusta Dried Natural (100% ripe beans or over 90% ripe beans)

+ Robusta common type grade 1.

Classified: S16 and S18.

We are very pleased to serve and look forward to long-term cooperation with you. We are ready to provide samples if you need. For further questions and information, please contact via:

Phone: (+84) 987605722 (Whatsapp -Zalo: Mr Thịnh) or Email: cafe_liendong@robustavietnam.com or Dinhthinh0902@gmail.com

Address: Bang Tien Crossroads, Phu Son Village, Lam Ha District, Lam Dong Province.

Coffee in Lam Dong province


  • “Vietnamese coffee” will be become a big brand, a prominent name in the international market. The wonderful taste of pure coffee beans from the land of Lam Dong – Vietnam will come to every person, every house throughout Vietnam and around the world. Bringing “Cà phê” – a wonderful Vietnam’s agricultural product come to international. Promote the image, brand and enhance the value of Vietnamese coffee on the world coffee map. That is what Lien Dong coffee aims to and strive for every day.
  • As one of the leading enterprises in coffee industry. To be become one of the prestigious and solid bridges between farmers and the coffee market, between Vietnamese coffee and the world.


  •  Arousing and raising the value of Vietnamese coffee in the eyes of domestic and foreign consumers. Help Vietnamese coffee find its true value.
  •  Bring the delicious taste of pure coffee beans from the Central Highlands in general and Lam Dong in particular to everyone, every home and international friends.
  •  Inspiring people who have been, and will be starting a business in the field of agricultural products and especially coffee with an optimistic spirit, enthusiasm and full of desire to succeed.
  •  Share coffee knowledge, insights, experiences and the most useful applications for the community
  •  Contribute to building a stable and solid economy. Building social security, creating jobs for workers, helping farmers solve the output problems of agricultural products, … contributing to promoting economic and social development.

Core values

  • We always take product quality as a guideline to develop. Bring the best value to customers.
  • We put customer satisfaction as the core value.
  • We operate base on transparency, ethics and efficiency.
  • We constantly strive to improve, perfect and develop.
  • We contribute positively to the community.
Our coffee farm
Our Farm in Lam Dong Province

Manufacturer coffee in Viet Nam– Lien Dong Coffee – long term cooperation

You are looking for sources of green Robusta coffee, green Arabica coffee, roasted good quality coffee? And reasonable price coffee? Come to us – Lien Dong Coffee Co., Ltd. We guarantee you will not disappoint.

Please leave the information or contact us to cooperate with development.

Raw materials in Phu son commune, Lam Ha district, Lam Dong Province

All details please Contact Email: cafe_liendong@robustavietnam.com

Direct contact Phone Number: (+84) 987605722 (Whatsapp or zalo )(Mr Thinh).

Address: Junction 3 by Tien, Phu son commune, Lam Ha district, Lam Dong Province