Arabica In Viet Nam

Differ Robusta and Arabica coffee bean

Viet Nam is famous for planting and exporting coffee, especially Robusta coffee. Arabica coffee is known as the best quality coffee. Viet Nam is not famous for Arabica coffee.  However, not many people know a place name called “Cau Dat” Farm. “Cau dat” is considered paradise of Arabica coffee in Viet Nam (Da Lat – Lam Dong Province).

Lam Dong is considered a place had the best quality Arabica coffee in Viet Nam ever.

Arabica high quality

1. Advantage of Arabica in “ Cau dat” for  Development

In Cau Dat, cafe was planted in a large area about 1.500 hecta that account for 86% agricultural area. Especially, Arabica coffee account for 98% in total coffee area.

Type of Arabica coffees planted in Cau Dat have ability to to adapt to the climate and are rarely pests. Each hectare of coffee receives 10 – 18 tons of fresh coffee, equivalent to 4 tons of coffee. The production of coffee is much higher than the others.

Regional geology has the content of organic substances and high nutrients, because the region previously did not plant coffee, so the soil is more nutritious.

In particular, this place has absorbed good condition from climate and nature that make the growth of fruit flowers grown here also grow and grow very well. Especially Arabica coffees grown here are always for good output and quality of coffee high quality, small grain, firm and more aromatic than the Arabica coffee planted in another area.

2. Cau Dat – Da Lat The name will soon be known worldwide

Sample coffee Arabica Viet Nam

Cau Dat -Lam Dong provice within 25 km of Dalat city center, Lam Dong to the southeast, in the famous highlands of Vietnam. By owning About the altitude and climatic conditions perfect for coffee, ground coffee for Very high amounts and abundant in flavor.

3. The unforgettable bold flavor of Arabica Lam Dong

Coffee Arabica is suitable for starting a new day gently with a cup of coffee, and pleasant. Especially for females, roasted Arabica brown coffee enhances metabolism and decreases calories, helping you to have a healthy and balanced physique. Arabica coffee mixed with Culi and Robusta produces a harmonious flavor, noble aroma and subtle bitterness from Culi, which is a popular product.

Arabica from Cau Dat highlighted by the combination of sour and bitter slightly. Abundant and harmony of flavor coffee described as great tastein Sunday morning. You will never forget flavor coffee from Cau Dat, although you just try one time. Coffee here can fully comparable with the best coffees in the world.

In 2016, Starbucks Coffee – famous  Coffee brand around the world have selected Arabica Cau Dat – Dalat is one of the seven types of coffee to put into the global supply chain. 

Arabica coffee tree in Cau Dat- Viet Nam

Coffee production Facility Lien dong – we and Arabica – Cau Dat – Viet Nam

We have worked and associated with farms, farmers in Cau Dat to have a stable supply and the most economical prices.

The farms associated with us was constructed and combined by strict quality control to ensure stable coffee. Because the stability of delicious flavor is the most important requirement of the customers prefer to drink coffee.

We are proud of great ingredients in Viet Nam. Our facility – Lien Dong Coffee always want to provide coffee product to market with the best quality. It can meet the demand for Vietnam’s coffee clean, standardized gu correctly carpentry dedicated gourmet coffee devotees across the country and the world.

Coffee bean for roasted

We look forward to long term cooperation with individuals, organizations and products please send samples to guests needs.

Bring the best quality coffee to the market in the region and in the world.

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