With the soil and climate of Viet Nam, especially the sunny and windy Central Highlands region, it is suitable for planting many kinds of trees with high economic value. In Lam Dong – Viet Nam, Robusta and Arabica are the most famous and popular coffee beans. However, Robusta account for 90% in coffee beans in Viet Nam.

Most of peoples in Viet Nam interested in enjoying a cup of coffee every morning or anytime they have free time. Coffee help them to relax, conscious,…Therefore, coffee seem to become a habit and a indispensable drink with us.  

We are Robusta and Arabica Coffee processing facility in Viet Nam

We really want to bring the great taste of coffee to everyone. We specialize in supply green coffee beans include Robusta and Arabica . Coffee beans at our factory was processed through dry processing method, wet and honey processing method. They include Robusta green coffee beans and Arabica are classified by Screen 16 – 18.

Coffee beans from Viet Nam
Coffee beans from Viet Nam

We confident to say that we have good knowledge and experience about coffee, invested machine, equipment fully. Processing and preservation of coffee beans are strictly implemented in our factory. Therefore, we ensure about the quality of green coffee beans.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you and we willing to provide you with samples if you need.

Coffee Beans Viet Nam
Robusta Coffee Beans

Lien Dong  Coffee processing Facilities

Processing method of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans:

+ Picking 90% ripe – > High-quality, dry-natural processing methods. (Robusta)

+ Picking 95% ripe – > Honey Processing method (Robusta)

+ Picking 90% ripe – > Wet processing method (Arabica only)

+ Picking < 90% ripe –> Dried processing method. (A large of amount of coffee beans – Robusta)

In addition, we also can provide you with a large of amount of green coffee beans rate ripe < 90%.

Standard: To meet quality standards.

Classification: On screen 13, 16, 18.

Price: Reasonable – Ex warehouse.

Output: We process coffee at the facility, purchase from farmers in the area and the associated farm. Therefore, the quantity of coffees is always stable.

Material area: Lam Ha District, Lam Dong Province

Kind of coffees: Robusta and Arabica

Place of production: manufactured directly at the facility and at the associated farm in Lam Dong Province.

Please contact to visit our facility and associated farm for more information about our product or discuss more.

Call or Leave mesage: (+84) 987605722 what’sapp or zalo (Mr Thinh) Email: cafe_liendong@robustavietnam.com or leave an email at contact